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Counselling Services Fees

Individual sessions

  •  $120 for a 50-minute session. 

  • $150 for a 75-minute session. 

The above counselling services rates apply for both in-person and telephone counselling.

Fees for Reports, Forms, Letter writing, Clinical Document Review are $65 per half hour of work.


Cash, cheque, or credit card payments are preferred; I also accept payment via PayPal or e-transfer. All e-transfer and PayPal payments must be made in advance of your session. The PayPal option is available for clients with a pre-scheduled appointment time. Cash or cheque payments are made at either the start or conclusion of each session: your choice.

EAP/EFAP Coverage

I am pleased to advise that I am an approved provider for the following health insurance programs:

​Blue Cross
        -Veterans Affairs
        -Canadian Force

Great West Life 
Com Psych
City of Regina
Victims Services

​As a Registered Social Worker with a Graduate Degree I may be covered by other plans. By contacting your health insurance administrator will confirm coverage and/or the approval process for my counselling services. I will be happy to assist in this process.